Collector road

codling moth A small moth whose larvae infest apples, English walnuts, quince, pears, etc. The larvae enter fruit as it starts to form.

coefficient of expansion The change in measurements of a material per unit of dimension per degree change in temperature.

coefficient of permeability An expression of the rate that water flows through the soil. It is also referred to as hydraulic conductivity.

coefficient of runoff A number representing storm runoff that varies depending on the type of ground surface, indicating the portion of a rainfall converted to runoff. It is a number between 0 and 1 with impervious surface having higher coefficients of runoff. It is used in the rational formula.

coefficient of uniformity (CU) A numerical water distribution indication in an area of irrigation based on a formula that averages the entire area without highlighting small problem areas; treats overwatering the same as under-watering. Its formula is CU = 1 - (average deviation/average catchment). It is a measure of the variability of water distribution (precipitation rate) for a specific irrigated area. Using a catchment test in an irrigated area, it is a comparison of the average precipitation of all catchments and the deviation from that average. A perfect score of 100 states that the system is efficient and there is no variability of water distribution.

coetaneous In plant identification and descriptions, flowers that develop at the same time that leaves develop.

cofferdam A temporary, watertight enclosure from which water is pumped. Holds back surrounding water or water-logged soil, providing an area for performing construction.

cog joint A joint between two crossing structural wood members that have been notched to fit together.

cohesion The attraction of like substances to one another. This is an important feature of water around soil particles and facilitates or prevents movement of water.

cohesionless soil A soil that has little strength when air dried and little cohesion when submerged.

cohesive soil A soil that has cohesion when submerged and strength when air dried.

coir A fiber obtained from coconut and often used to prevent erosion, etc.

cold frame Simple small structures built to protect plants from full exposure to weather. They usually have some glass and are not artificially heated. See also hotbed.

cold joint A joint in concrete where the first pour is allowed to harden before the next batch is placed against it. This usually forms a poor bond between the two batches.

cold mix Asphaltic concrete placed without heat. It is not usually hard or durable as hot asphalt.

coliseum A large outdoor amphitheater.

collar 1. The outer side of a grass leaf at the joint of the blade and the sheath. 2. A root collar or branch collar.

collected plants Any plants gathered on-site, in the natural landscape, or on another site, etc. and transplanted from where they have grown. They are not grown in containers and are not grown by a nursery.

collector road A road that has more traffic than other roads, allowing access of traffic to it. See also arterial road.

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