Construction loan

construction loan A loan obtained for building a structure or landscape, etc. for the short duration of the construction period only.

consultant One hired to provide professional advice or design.

cont. Abbreviation for continuous or continued.

contact adhesive, contact bond Glue that is dry to the touch, but sticks and adheres upon contact.

contact splice A splice of reinforcement rebar where the two bars overlap and are in direct contact with one another.

container In landscape work, a confined, moveable space that is usually designed for the use of growing plants.

container-grown Plants cultivated in containers instead of in open ground or in a field grown.

containerized In the landscape or plant nursery industry, a plant material grown in a container. This term is usually in reference to plants in plastic containers larger than flats. Established plants in containers can be sold all year without serious danger in transplanting.

containerized plants

contamination Usually in reference to water supplies, the introduction of a water source that is not potable, or a solid into a potable water piping system.

contingency allowance An amount of money set aside for unforeseen items in construction work.

continuous beam A beam that extends over three or more posts, supports, or columns.

continuous flushing emitter A microirrigation system emitter designed to permit passage of large, solid particles while operating at a trickle or drip flow. This reduces filtering requirements of the system.

continuous foundation A foundation that supports several independent loads.

continuous girder A girder having more than two supports.

continuous grading A description of a size distribution of earth material, such as aggregate, where the intermediate size fractions are present. See also gap grading.

continuous hinge A hinge that extends along the entire length of the material to which it is attached.

continuous truss A truss that distributes its load over at least three supports.

contorted Twisted, strained in appearance or bent.

contour 1. A shape or form usually referring to a ground or land surface. 2. A line depicting a constant elevation. (Same as contour line. Compare with hachure.) 3. To shape, grade, or form (especially a ground surface).

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