crawler tractor Any power-driven vehicle with tracks on rollers allowing it to move about. This type of locomotion is useful in muddy soils or loose material. It also is helpful in that it distributes the weight of the machine over a wider area.

crc Abbreviation for cold-rolled channel.

creasing Courses of bricks or tiles toward the top of a wall overlapping the course below it 1 to 2 inches.

creep 1. With regard to land, a slow movement of earthen material or rock that is not easily perceived except over a long period of time. It is often only evidenced by the tipping of trees, etc. 2. With regard to roof materials, a stretching or shrinking as a result of moisture or temperature changes. 3. Water drainage flowing at the interface between a structure and the surrounding soil or rock. 4. The movement of structural materials due to stress and pressure over time.

creeper In botanical terms, trailing shoots rooting at intervals.

creeping (stems) In plant description, growing flat on or beneath the ground and rooting.

crenate A botanical term that describes rounded teeth on a plant part, especially a leaf. (Compare with ciliate, pectinate, cleft, lobed, dentate, denticulate, serrate, serrulate, double serrate, incised, entire, crenulate, parted.)

crenate leaf margin

crenelated Having a battlement design of repeated raised and lowered portions of a line or top of wall, etc.

crenulate leaf margin

crenulate A botanical term describing a plant part, especially a leaf margin, that has a minutely crenate leaf margin. (Compare with ciliate,

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