cuspidate In botanical terms, tipped with a sharp and stiff point. (Compare with retuse, emarginate, aristate, acuminate, acute, mucro-nate, obtuse.)

cuspidate leaf tip

custom-built 1. Constructed on-site and not built at a factory or prefabricated. 2. The design of a structure only built once or with specific changes for a user.

cut With reference to excavation work, the removal of rock or soil from a site or a part thereof.

cut and fill In excavating, this is the moving of material in digging or filling.

cut glass Glass that has been decorated, drawn on, or labeled on its surface.

cut nail A nail that is wedge shaped and has a blunt point cut from a piece of steel.

cutoff A structure intended to eliminate or reduce percolation of water through porous earth material.

cutoff valve A valve used to stop flow of water (or fluid, or gas).

cut stone Rock used in building walls or structures made to a specified size.

cutting In gardening, cut portions of plants used for propagation. Certain types of plants can be propagated by cutting off portions of the plant stems, roots, or leaves and planting or nurturing those cut portions to create a new plant.

cutting garden A small space, usually on a residential lot, where the owner grows flowers specifically for the purpose of cutting their blooms off to use for indoor decorating.

cutworm Hairless larvae of night-flying moths that feed at night and on overcast days, cutting off plants at the roots, and eating leaves. These can be particularly devastating in lawns and annual planting beds.

CV, cv Abbreviation for cultivar.

CW, cw 1. Abbreviation for clockwise. 2. Abbreviation for cold water.

c.y., or cu. yd., or y3 Abbreviation for cubic yards. A cubic yard is a volume equal to a cube with each side measuring 3 ft x 3 ft. It is comprised of 27 c.f.

cyanami or calcium cyanamide A chemical fertilizer containing 21% nitrogen, with an acidic reaction. It is toxic to some plants. It loses its toxicity in most soils if it is applied a month or so before planting.

cybm Abbreviation for cubic yard bank measurement.

cycle 1. In irrigation, this refers to one complete operation of a controller station or all stations. 2. One complete reversal of alternating current from a forward flow (positive alternation) to a backward flow (negative alternation).

cycle and soak An irrigation controller feature that allows the controller to divide up station runtime with several short periods of irri

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