crenatus, crenata, crenatum having rounded teeth or scallops crenulatus, crenulata, crenulatum being somewhat scalloped crepitans rustling as with leaves in wind, or crackling cretaceus, cretacea, cretaceum chalky or having to do with chalk cretensis, cretense; creticus, cretica, creticum from Crete crinita with long hairs crinitus, crinita, crinitum having long, usually weak hairs crispatus, crispata, crispatum; crispus, crispa, crispum curling wrinkles, or crisped close stiff curls, or wavy cristatus, cristata, cristatum with tassellike tips, or a showy tuft; a crest; comb-like crithmifolius, crithmifolia, crithmifoilum leaves like Crithmum crocatus, crocata, crocatum; croceus, crocea, croceum orange, saffron, or yellow crotonifolius, crotonifolia, crotonifolium having leaves looking like Croton cruciatus, cruciata, cruciatum resembling the shape of a cross cruciferus cross-bearing cruentus, cruenta, cruentum blood coloring, bloody crustatus incrusted crystallinus, crystallina, crystallinum like a crystal ctenoides like a comb cucullaris, cucullare; cucullatus, cucullata, cucullatum hood-like cucumerifolius, cucumerifolia, cucumer-ifolium having leaves resembling cucumber cultratus, cultrata, cultratum; cultriformis, cultriforme shaped like a knife's blade cuneatus, cuneata, cuneatum shaped like a wedge cuneifolius, cuneifolia, cuneifolium with wedge-shaped leaves cuneiformis, cuneiforme wedge shaped cupreatus, cupreata, cupreatum; cupreus, cuprea, cupreum color of copper or coppery appearing cupressifolius, cupressifolia, cupressifolium having leaves like cypress (Cupressus)

cupressiformis, cupressiforme; cupressinus, cupressina, cupressinum; cupressoides looking like cypress (Cupressus)

curassavicus, curassavica, curassavicum from Curacao, Ntherlands curtus, curta, curtum made short curvatus, curvata, curvatum curved curvifolius, curvifolia, curvifolium with curved leaves cuspidatus, cuspidata, cuspidatum having stiff, sharp points cuspidifolius, cuspidfolia, cuspidifolium with leaves of a stiff, sharp point cyananthus, cyanantha, cyananthum flowers of blue cyaneus, cyanea, cyaneum blue

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