Diaphragm pump

Cool-season grasses are usually detached in early spring or in fall while warm-season grasses are generally detached in late spring.

detrital or detritus 1. Dead plant material in the process of microbial decomposition. 2. Any material produced by being disintegrated, or by being worn away, such as rock fragments, sand, etc.

developer The legal or beneficial owner or owners of any land included in a land development.

development A land planning or construction project involving substantial property improvement and often a change of land-use character within site.

development density In land planning efforts, the intensity of development or land use on the basis of area covered by impervious surface, population density, building floor area coverage, or number of dwelling units. It is most often understood as the permitted number of dwelling units per gross acre of land to be developed.

development regulation Governmental regulation of a use and development of land through zoning, subdivision regulations, site plan requirements, official maps, city planning, flood plain regulation, or other methods.

development rights Entitlement of property owners to develop land in accordance with local land use zoning and other regulations. These rights may sometimes be sold to public agencies, qualified nonprofit organizations, or other citizens. See transfer of development rights.)

dewater The removal of water from a work area or construction site by providing drainage, well points, or pumping.

dew point A point in temperature below which moisture in the atmosphere is condensed into minute drops, and deposited on surfaces.

D horizon The portion of a soil profile usually considered part of the C horizon, lying beneath any O, A, B, or C horizons, that is comprised mostly of rock decomposing into clay and sand particles. It sits directly over bedrock (the R horizon).

di- A Greek prefix used in botanical terms meaning two.

DIA Abbreviation for diameter.

diabrotica A beetle often associated with cucumbers and referred to as the cucumber beetle, but destructive because it not only feeds on vegetables, but also many flowering plants. Its larvae feed on roots.

diag. Abbreviation for diagonal.

diam. Abbreviation for diameter.

diameter at breast height (DBH) A measurement of a tree trunk caliper (usually 12 inches or greater) at the approximate height of one's chest. See also caliper.

diameter of throw or coverage The average diameter of area wetted by a sprinkler operating without windy conditions.

diammonium phosphate A compound chemical fertilizer with 21% nitrogen and 53% phosphorus.

diaphanous A botanical term meaning thin and translucent or transparent.

diaphragm pump A pump much like a piston pump except that the piston is replaced with a diaphragm that is driven up and down by a rod that is attached at the center of the diaphragm.

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