difformis, difforme having unusual or strange form diffusus, diffusa, diffusum loosely spreading digitatus, digitata, digitatum a shape like a hand that is open dilatatus, dilatata, dilatatum; dilatus, dilata, dilatum expanded, spread apart, dilated dimorphus, dimorpha, dimorphum with two types of flowers having leaves or fruit on a plant dioicus, dioica, dioicum; dioecious having male and female reproductive organs on a single plant dipetalus, dipetala, dipetalum having two petals diphyllus, diphylla, diphyllum with two leaves or leaflets diplotrichus, diplotricha, diplotrichum having two kinds of hair dipterocarpus, dipterocarpa, diptero-carpum having two-winged fruits dipterus, diptera, dipterum two-winged disciformis, disciforme disc-shaped discoideus, discoidea, discoideum disclike, not having ray florets discolor two different colors disperses, dispersa, dispersum scattered dissectus, dissecta, dissectum deeply cleft dissimilis, dissimile not like those typical of the genus dissitiflorus, dissitiflora, dissitiflorum having flowers loosely arranged distachyus, distachya, distachyum having two spikes distans separated with space distichous in two vertical ranks distichus, disticha, distichum two-ranked distortus, distorta, distortum poorly shaped distylus, distyla, distylum with two styles diurnus, diurna, diurnum flowering in the day divaricatus, divaricata, divaricatum spreading, widely divergens spreading wide from the middle diversicolor diverse colors diversiflorus, diversiflora, diversiflorum diversely flowered, variable leaves diversifolius, diversifolia, diversifolium diversely leaved diversiformis, diversiforme having various forms dodecandrus, dodecandra, dodecandrum

12 stamens dolabratus, dolabrata, dolabratum; dolabriformis, dolabriforme hatchet shape domesticus, domestica, domesticum domesticated; used as houseplants doronicoides looking like Doronicum drabifolius, drabifolia, drabifolium leaves like Draba dracaenoides looking like Dracaena draco pertaining to a dragon

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