the valves on the sprinkler system. (Compare with mechanical controller.)

digitally lobed In botanical terms, fingered and main veining radiating from more than one point.

digitate A leaf shape that resembles the extended fingers on a hand. An example is the leaf of a horse chestnut tree. The leaflets are all borne on the apex of the petiole.

dimension 1. A measured or scaled length. A measure of something (especially an object) in one direction. 2. A measurement on a drawing from point to point shown with indications of the portion measured and the amount measured being written. The amount measured has various methods of making certain one unfamiliar with the drawing will understand to which portion of the object it refers.

dimension ratio The diameter of a pipe divided by the wall thickness.

dimension stone Stone shaped or cut to desired shapes and/or sizes.

dimerous All parts in twos.

dimidiate A botanical term describing a plant part that appears halved as if one half were wanting.

dimorphic A botanical term, of two forms.

dimorphous A botanical term, occurring in two forms.

dioecious In botanical terms, stamens and pistils in separate flowers on different plants, or plants having male and female organs on separate plants.

diplostemonous A botanical term, a flower that has two cycles of stamens.

direct cross-connection A connection between a potable water pipe and a nonpotable water source with or without a valve on the connection.

direct current (dc) An electrical current with a constant flow (as opposed to alternating current) rate and a constant voltage.

direct-gain system A passive solar heating system in which sun enters and warms a house interior directly.

direct radiation Light (radiant energy) directly from sun, capable of casting a shadow.

direct solar water-heating system Solar heating of water that comes directly from a potable source to the collectors to produce a hot water supply.

dirt See soil. This word is offensive to those working most closely with soil.

disbudding Thinning flower buds to improve quality of flowers.

discharge pipe 1. Any pipe that facilitates water or another fluid to flow from its end. 2. With regard to a pump, the pipe from the outlet of the pump to its point of outflow.

discharge pipe friction loss The loss of pressure due to friction from a pump to the point of discharge.

discharge zone An area where groundwater seepage or springs are concentrated.

disease In plants, usually refers to insect infestation, proliferation of detrimental fungus, or an infection of a virus. These can be brought on by lack of water, excess water, lack of nutrients, excess nutrients, lack of sunlight, excess sunlight, excess or too little heat, frost, pollution in water or air, etc.

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