Dog run

be buried, a foundation to be constructed, an electrical conductor to be placed, a sleeve to be buried, etc.

ditcher or ditching machine See trencher.

diurnal In botanical terms, daytime or pertaining to the day. It may often refer to flowers that only open in the daylight hours.

diurnal damping depth The maximum depth from the surface that soil experiences temperature change over a 24-hour (diurnal) period.

divaricate In botanical terms, very widely divergent or spreading from the axis or rachis.

divergent A term sometimes used in botanical descriptions to refer to a plant part that spreads.

divided In botanical terms, leaves cut into divisions extending approximately to the base or the midrib.

divided street or divided roadway or divided highway A street having an island or another barrier or open space separating moving lanes.


dividing See division.

division 1. In gardening, a method of propagation by dividing the roots of plants such as those with rhizomes, tubers, bulbs, clumping perennials, etc. In many cases, these plants are healthier after dividing. This is usually done in fall (preferred) or early spring when they have expanded in growing for a year or more. 2. In plant taxonomy, the broad category dividing a kingdom into categories. The subcategory under division is the class. See also taxon.

dk Abbreviation for dekameter(s).

dm Abbreviation for decimeter(s).

D&M In the lumber industry, the abbreviation for dressed and matched.

DOC (dissolved organic carbon) The total filterable organic carbon in a particular water sample.

dock A structure built over or floating upon the water and used as a landing place for boats as well as for other marine transport, fishing, swimming, etc.

dodge ball See team dodge ball.

dog run An enclosed outdoor area intended for the exercising, housing, or containment of dogs or similar animals.

dog-run (kennel)
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