faces that are not indented but smooth and able to be exposed on any of these sides with a solid surface.

double-cut file A file with two diagonal sets of cutting ridges, each set crossing the other.

double-cut saw A handsaw with teeth designed to allow cutting both when the saw is pushed and when it is pulled.

double extra strong pipe A steel pipe that has a thicker wall and twice the strength of a pipe of normal wall thickness.

double-faced hammer A hammer having a striking face at each side of its head.

double flower A flower with many petals densely arranged, not just in a flat, circular form, but three dimensional. Often used to accentuate a description of the ornamental aesthetic value of this type of flower.

double-head nail or scaffold nail or form nail A nail with a head, and, a short distance down the shank, another head like an extended ring. This ring allows the nail to be pounded into material to that point where it is difficult to pound it in any further so that it can later be pulled from the material. These types of nails are often used in such work as making of forms for concrete so that the nails can be easily pulled when the forms are removed.

double manure salts A fertilizer also known as potassium sulfate that supplies 30% water-soluble potash and up to 56% magnesium.

double serrate A descriptive botanical term referring to a leaf with large teeth and small teeth that alternate along its margin. (Compare with ciliate, pectinate, cleft, lobed, dentate, denticulate, serrate, serrulate, entire, incised, cre-nate, crenulate, parted.)

double serrate margin

Douglas fir A strong, fairly straight wood useful for structural members and for any framing. It is also used to manufacture plywood.

dovetail The end of a piece of wood shaped like a fan (or dove's tail) with the widest dimension at its end, which is shaped to be placed within another piece of wood's joint formed to accept it. This forms a joint that is difficult to pull apart. The shape of the joint can vary greatly, and more than one interlocking piece may form the joint with many varieties having their own name (sometimes only locally recognized).

dovetail joint

dovetail saw A small saw with a thin blade, fine teeth, and a protruding handle.

dowel A small, usually cylindrical rod or piece used at a joint in metal, stone, dry-stacked masonry units, wood, etc., assisting in securing the joint by extending into holes prepared to accept it in each member and assist in resisting shear loads.

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