Drain pocket

escaping, debris from clogging the sewer access, and animals from crawling in.

drain pocket In landscape irrigation, an amount of gravel (or similar granular material with voids for water to drain through) surrounding a manual or automatic drain. See illustration under drain. They allow water to easily flow from the drain and provide a larger area for water to filter into the surrounding soil. These are particularly useful in heavy soils where the water may otherwise have considerable difficulty flowing from the drain.

drain tile A tile formed as a short pipe that has loose or open joints when pieces are butted together. It allows water to drain into or out of the pipe when buried depending on the situation. It can be used to drain water from soil, or to disperse water into a soil.

drawdown cone See cone of depression.

drawknife or drawshave A woodworking tool with a blade, and a handle at each end of the blade. It is useful in shaving wood by pulling it toward the user.

drawn finish A smooth, bright finish on metal tubing, wire, rod, bar, strips, etc.

dressed The finished, prepared face or faces of a brick, lumber, stone, etc. This finishing is usually to provide a more positive aesthetic effect for what is exposed to view in a completed structure. The finishing may be accomplished by sanding, rubbing, chiseling, or cutting the surface.

dressed and matched or tongue-and-groove

In reference to lumber, wood members cut with a ridge on one edge and a recessed area on the other edge so that boards can be inter locked for strength and tightness in planking, decking, etc.

dressed size The dimension of lumber after sawing and smoothing the faces.

DRG Abbreviation for drawing.

dried blood A product of a slaughterhouse, used as fertilizer with 12 to 14% nitrogen; causes an acid reaction. See also blood meal.

drier An additive that makes paint or varnish dry faster after application by absorbing oxygen.

drift 1. A deposit of rock fragments and soils driven together by water, wind, or ice. 2. With regard to irrigation, the change in a sprinkler application pattern due to wind.

drifter A rock drill driven by compressed air.

drift pin 1. A device with a pin or steel post extending upward that is inserted into a post to attach it to a footing. This device must have its lower portion placed in a footing at the time of its pouring. 2. A tapered, round rod used to align holes in pieces of metal. 3. A round or square metal rod much like a nail. A hole is drilled smaller than the rod and the rod is then driven into it for a tight fit.

drift punch A punch tool with a tapered, blunt nose used for aligning holes.

drill 1. A tool that rotates, being driven by hand or a motor and having various bits for boring, or for turning screws or bolts. 2. A tiny furrow made with the corner of a hoe, a pointed stick, etc. for seed to be planted in. Vegetables grown from seeds planted in straight rows are sown in the drills. 3. A machine usually pulled behind a tractor that lays down seed and covers it with soil, or pokes it into the ground to improve germination rates. Mechanical tractor implements for drilling are best used on large

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