emboss A raised or indented design or message.

embryo In botanical terms, a young seed plant still within a seed and capable of becoming a mature plant.

emergent plant 1. An herbaceous plant standing erect, rooted in shallow water but having most of the plant growing above the water's surface. 2. A rooted plant that grows on land that is periodically or permanently flooded, and, when flooded, has portions of the plant (stems and leaves) extending above the water surface.

emery A granular form of impure carborundum. It is used for grinding and polishing.

emery cloth A cloth coated with emery, often used for polishing metal.

eminent domain The power or right of a governing jurisdiction to obtain private property for public use while making certain the property owner is reasonably compensated.

emission uniformity The index of uniformity of emitter discharge rates throughout a micro-irrigation system. It considers both variations in emitters and variations in the pressure to operate emitters.

emitter In drip irrigation, a small device placed on a low-pressure pipe that allows water to be provided only in small droplet amounts, usually measured in gallons per hour or liters per hour instead of per minute as with sprinkler irrigation. (Compare with orifice emitter, turbulent flow emitter, pressure compensating emitter, vortex emitter, lami-narflow emitter, continuous flushing emitter.)

emitter tube A plastic tube intended for distribution of water to or from one emitter. It is usually about K in in diameter.

emitter tube stake A plastic or metal stake to hold plastic micro-irrigation tubing in place.


EMT Abbreviation for Electrical Metallic Conduit; Thin Wall Conduit.

emulsifier A dispersant or something that holds in suspension; usually a liquid.

enamel A paint composed of finely ground pigments and a resin binder that dries to form a hard, smooth, glassy surface.

enation An outgrowth on the surface of a plant as a result of a virus.

encorbelment The projection of any course of masonry over the course immediately below it.

encroachment The unauthorized extension of any portion of a structure or land.

encumbrance A restriction of the use of real property.

end dump A long trailer with at least one set of tandem dual wheels pulled by a large semi truck capable of holding large amounts of bulk materials such as rock, topsoil, bark mulch, etc. for delivery and dumping by raising from the front end high enough to allow the material to slide out the back.

end island A parking island of landscaping located at the end of a row or bay of parking stalls that is not connected to any other landscaping.

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