Erosion control fabric

and human features in an area proposed for a planning project.

environmentally friendly Said of a process or product that is beneficial to, or not destructive of, the environment.

enzymes Substances (organic catalysts) produced by living cells that may bring about or speed up chemical reactions.

EPA The Environmental Protection Agency of the United States.

EPDM Abbreviation for ethylene propylene diene monomer, a synthetic rubber liner often used to line water features, roofs, or roof planters because it is waterproof and more stretch resistant and UV resistant than PVC liner.

ephemeral 1. Plants with flowers that last one or two days. 2. Short-lived plants that may grow more than one generation per year. 3. Lasting one day. 4. Lasting a short time. 5. A spring-blooming herb usually found in mesic deciduous forests.

epi- A Greek prefix used in botanical terms meaning upon; often used to mean outer or outermost.

epicarp See exocarp.

epigynous Joined to the ovary. A botanical term meaning the perianth and stamens are attached to the top of the ovary instead of beneath it. (Compare with hypogynous, perigynous.)

epipetalous A botanical term describing a plant part attached to the petals or corolla.

epiphyte A plant that obtains its nutrients and water from the air and grows sitting on the surface of another plant, but receives no nourishment from the plant that supports it. They are often incorrectly thought of as parasites. Examples of these types of plants can be found amongst ferns or orchids.

epistyle, epistylium An architrave.

epithedes The upper member of the cornice of an entablature.

epoxy resin finish A waterproof surface most often applied to wood. It is usually applied in three coats and is ^ to i4 in thick.

equestrian 1. Related to horseback riding. 2. One who rides a horse.

equilibrium A term used in structure design to describe a condition where the sum of all the moments are equal to zero; sometimes referred to as the law of equilibrium.

equinox A point in the year when the sun is at the equator causing the length of days and nights to be equal both south and north of the equator. This occurs at approximately March 21 and September 23.

equipment ground In electrical wiring, a connection from the exposed metal parts of equipment housings and from the grounding port of outlets to provide a ground.

erodibility The susceptibility of a soil to erosion by water or wind.

erodibility factor A value used in the universal soil loss equation representing relative erodi-bility of the soil.

erose In botanical terms, something with an irregular shape appearing as if it were gnawed.

erosion The detachment and movement of soil or rock fragments, or the wearing away of the land surface or subsurface by water, wind, ice, or gravity.

erosion control fabric A rolled or sheeted material laid over the soil surface or at a water body edge to prevent erosion. It is made of small intertwined wood strings, coconut fiber, plastics, jute, paper, etc.

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