Errors and omissions insurance

errors and omissions insurance Insurance covering mistakes by a designer when preparing the contract documents.

escutcheon A pipe flange used to cover a hole through which the pipe passes.

esker A narrow, long ridge of coarse gravel deposited by an ancient stream flowing in a valley or tunnel walled with ice in a melting glacial ice sheet.

espalier 1. A shrub or tree trained or pruned to grow flat against a wall, fence, etc. They may be trained into formal or informal patterns and are often trained with wire, sticks, or rods to guide the branching pattern. Typical formal espalier patterns include candelabra, horizontal cordon, and Belgian fence espalier. 2. A trellis, wire pattern, fence, etc. on which plants are trained to grow in an espalier pattern.

esplanade A relatively open area designed for walking or driving, while usually offering a view.

Essex board measure A chart listing the number of board feet in a board one inch thick and of various standard sizes. It is usually printed on a special carpenter's square.

est. Abbreviation for estimated.

established See established plant.

established plant 1. A plant that has been transplanted long enough to extend roots outside the original root zone at the time of planting to the surrounding soil, or has become firmly rooted in existing soils surrounding the original planting pit. 2. A plant that has been grown in a container of some type for a sufficient period of time so that it holds all the soil of the container when pulled from the container. Established plants have roots extending to the bottom of the container and should not leave significant growing-medium residue when pulled from the container. 3. A plant that has overcome transplant shock.

established shrub See established plant.

established tree See established plant.

estimate See cost estimate.

estuary The lower end of a river where the ocean tide has an effect.

ET Abbreviation for the word evapotranspiration.

ethnobotony The plant lore of a culture, race, or group of people.

etriolation A condition of being pale or feeble without natural vigor.

eu- The Greek prefix (used in some botanical terms) meaning true, real, or typical.

eutrophic Water having an excess of plant-growth nutrients that typically create algal blooms and feature high or low dissolved oxygen.

eutrophication The natural aging process of a water body whereby eventually the basin is filled in. This water-body aging is speeded up by increase of biomass, which occurs when nutrients (especially nitrogen and phosphorus) become more prevalent in the water, promoting algae and other aquatic vegetation. Eventually in the natural process, areas silt up and become bogs.

evaporation The change of water from a liquid to a gas in the process of vaporization as water molecules escape from surfaces to the atmosphere.

evaporation pan Standard U.S. Weather Bureau Class-A pan (48-in diameter by 10-in deep) for estimating a crop evapotranspiration rate.

evapotranspiration (ET) 1. The process of water loss from soil by both evaporation and by

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