Finish carpentry

finish carpentry The application of wood trim to structures, as well as the installation of doors, windows, etc.

finish grade or finished grade 1. The final grade, slope, shape, and elevation of all surfaces (lawn, walks, patio, etc.) at the completion of an outdoor project. This may be the surface of sod, soil, mulch, pavement, a wood deck, etc. 2. The smooth completed grading of soil prior to seeding, planting, sodding, etc.

finishing Smoothing, brushing, troweling, treating, etc. to give a green concrete surface its final appearance.

finishing machine A motorized machine used to give a finished surface to green concrete.

finishing nail This is a nail with a small head just slightly larger than its shank. The head is slightly rounded at its edges, or is a consistent diameter from the top of its head surface to its shank (this is a very short distance compared to its shank length). It is used where it is not desirable for a nail head to show on the finished material. It can be driven into material with a punch or the force of a mechanical nail gun so that it can be covered with similar-looking material to that which it is nailed into so that its location is concealed.

finishing nails

fir A softwood useful in the framing of structures.

fire blight Disease common to flowering pears, pyracantha, and other plants. It is identified by blossoms and leaves shriveling, turning a blackish brown, and dying. Bark becomes dark brown and may form cankers. For preventing, plant resistant varieties, avoid poorly drained soils, and avoid too much fertilizer. Cut off dead twigs 1 ft below affected area and discard (do not use in compost or mulch).

firebrick or fired brick A ceramic brick containing a high percentage of silica capable of withstanding high temperatures and useful in chimneys, bar-b-que structures, etc.

fire hazard area Land where, due to slope, fuel, weather, or other fire-related conditions, the potential loss of vegetation, habitat, life, and property from a fire necessitates special fire protection measures.

fire hydrant A point of connection for firehose and a valve to turn the water on and off.

fire hydrant
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