Flange union


flange union A flanged fitting in two pieces, each of which is screwed onto the end of a pipe and then bolted together.

flap valve With regard to piping, a check valve made of a hinged disk that permits flow in only one direction.

flashboards Boards used to control water levels that may be removed.

flashing A thin waterproof material to prevent drainage and seepage between a roof and a wall or over exterior door openings and windows. It extends under shingles or roofing and is bent to cover an intersection as with another surface at 90° (e.g., a wall or parapet).

flat In the nursery industry, hollow boxes or trays fitted with small containers for raising plants from seed, cuttings, or sets.

flat grain A reference to lumber that is cut from a tree with its end's shortest dimension nearly parallel to the growth rings. This produces a grain in the face (largest dimension) of the board that is marbled and with lines changing direction. Looking at the end of the board one will see grain lines perpendicular to its shortest dimension, which is parallel to its widest flat side. See also vertical grain.

flathead wood screw This screw has various indented shapes in its head for accepting a tool (screwdriver) to drive (turn) it into wood. The top of its head is flat with either a threaded taper from its flat-head surface to its more slender pointed shank, or it is a slender shank of a constant diameter continuing to its threads where it then tapers with threads to its point. Its tapered head allows it to be drawn flush with the surface it is driven into.

flat washer See washer.

flatwork Concrete construction work associated with areas where concrete has more horizontal flat surface than other surfaces and usually requires a finished surface.

Flemish bond A pattern of brick in a wall made by alternating stretchers and headers with each header centered on the stretcher immediately above and below it.

flexible diaphragm/compensating emitter

See pressure compensating emitter.

flexible liner A material that comes on a roll, is waterproof, and is used in lining ponds or planters.

flexuous A descriptive botanical term referring to a plant part having a wavy or zigzag pattern.

flight A continuous run of steps without a landing.

float 1. A tool or device for smoothing a surface. 2. An apparatus in a water feature that controls the elevation of a water body and the inflow of water from an outside source by means of a floating device that raises and lowers and opens or closes the water supply line.

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