Flanged joint

fish meal A complete organic fertilizer made of dried, ground fish or fish parts containing 8 to 10% nitrogen, 4 to 9% phosphoric acid, and 2 to 4% potash.

fishplate A wood or metal piece attached by nails or bolts to the ends of two abutting ends of lumber.

fish tape A long, thin, stiff metal strip used to extend through a conduit or sleeve and then attach to an electrical conductor to pull it through.

fistulose, fistulous A botanical term meaning hollow.

fitting Pipe connectors (devices for connection of pipes) such as elbows, tees, couplers, reducer bushings, unions, etc.

fittings fix With regard to soils, formation of a compound that is stable, stationary, and available to other organisms or plant roots (e.g., bacteria that fix nitrogen). See rhizobium and nitrogen fixation).

fixation The process of changing a soluble or exchangeable nutrient form to a relatively insol uble form, which may have a negative effect on plant health and may even cause death.

flabellate A botanical term meaning fan-shaped.

flaccid A botanical term meaning weak, soft, flabby, or hardly, if at all, capable of supporting its own weight.

flag 1. A synonym of wilt. 2. A common name for plants with sword-like foliage such as iris. 3. Any fabric or other flexible material attached to or designed to be flown or dangled from a flagpole, staff, or structure. 4. The act of flagging a sprinkler system with small flags (sprinkler flag) on wires or plastic staffs, or the flags themselves. 5. See flagstone. 6. A symbol or symbols represented on material, or even on a plain piece of material, usually triangular or rectangular, that represents an entity (country, state, company, etc.), advertises a product, or is hung in celebration of a holiday, etc.

flagelliform A botanical term meaning very slender and elongate, with the form of a flagel-lum.

flagging 1. The layout of a sprinkler system on a site with small flags at each head location. 2. A flagstone pavement or the setting of flagstone.

flagpole A freestanding structure or a pole attached to a building or to the roof of a building and used for the purpose of displaying flags.

flagstone, or flag, or flagging A flat stone, about 1 to 6 in thick, used in making patios, walkways, or stepping stones.

flambeau A luminaire mimicking a flaming torch.

flange A projection or ring on a shaft or pipe.

flanged joint A pipe joint with an extended ring at its end or ends allowing it to be bolted to a companion ring (flange) of another fitting. It is prevented from leaking by use of a gasket between the flanges.


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