Food chain

emitters, or other devices that could become clogged with debris (rocks, sand, etc.) left in piping systems during construction fitting (especially when work has been done in a trench).

flush-cut joint or flush joint A joint in masonry work where the joint of mortar is made flush with the brick or masonry unit face. This is not often used out-of-doors, especially in temperate climates, as moisture tends to eventually enter the joints and cause damage when freezing.

flush-head rivet A rivet that is placed in material with its head countersunk.

flushing Cleaning out debris and sediment from pipes by the force of moving liquid, usually water.

flush plate The small metal, plastic, or wood finishing covering an electrical receptacle on a finished surface with holes if necessary to allow switches, or points of plug in, etc.

flush valve A valve in an irrigation system, water feature, etc. that can be opened to run water backward through a filter to remove (flush out) debris that has accumulated during normal use.

fly rafter A rafter in the overhang of a gable-type roof.

foamed concrete or foam concrete A relatively lightweight concrete made by adding foam or gas while still in a liquid state.

FOB Abbreviation for free on board. It means the price of an item not including the freight to ship it.

focal point A noticeable area or spot of attention, activity, or attraction. It may be such a spot because many paths, views, rays, walks, etc. converge or it is of a different color, texture, height, width, brightness, etc.

fodder Tracing paper (translucent paper) usually sold on rolls of various lengths and widths in a yellowish or whitish color. foetid An offensive odor.

fogger A device that creates a water fog when in operation. These seem to be most often used indoors in greenhouses.

fogging A term sometimes used to describe a sprinkler irrigation system that has too high of an operational pressure ( dynamic pressure)

causing the individual sprinkler heads to not only spray water but to disperse some water to the air as a mist (fog). This is a detrimental situation because water in the form of mist is most often lost to wind or evaporation. FOK Abbreviation for free of knots. folding rule A rigid ruler with measuring units, and joints for folding it to a small size, allowing convenience in hand-carrying and storage. foliaceous A botanical term meaning leafy in texture.

foliage Plant leaves. This term usually refers to the leafy material of the entire plant head or sometimes a portion of leaves of a plant or the leaves of many plants. foliar Of or relating to leaves. foliar feeding Supplying nutrients to plants through their leaves. This is a benefit, but not a substitute for soil nutrients. It is sometimes used for immediate results. foliar fertilizing The application of fertilizer (usually mixed with water) to plant leaves in a fine spray.

font A style of lettering.

food chain or web The interconnected group of plants and animals in an ecosystem. One living organism is food for another, which is food for another, which is food for another, etc. Contaminated food may have a chain reaction.

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