foot, (ft), (') English or U.S. length equal to 12 in, or 0.3333 yd, or 30.48 cs.

footbridge Any bridge built and intended for pedestrian use.


foot-candle (fc) A measure of illumination on a surface that is everywhere 1 ft from a uniform point source of light of one candle and equal to 1 lumen per sq ft. It is equal to 10.76 lux. Natural outdoor light intensity may vary from 10,000 fc or more to 2,000 fc or less depending on cloud cover, time of day, obstructions, and time of year.

footing In terms of construction, that portion of a structure placed at the lowest part to prevent settling; usually under a foundation, post, wall, pier, or column and enlarged (especially wider) so as to bear and distribute the load from above by dispersing it to the earth material it contacts. It is usually wider than the portion of the structure attached to its upper surface for stability and has increased area to transmit weight (load).

section footing section footing footpath A walkway.

footprint With regard to construction and land, the horizontal area of a structure or element as seen in plan, measured at the outside of all exterior portions where it meets the ground. It is formed by an outline where a structure or any object meets the ground.

foot valve With regard to pumps, a valve that is placed on the end of a suction pipe and only opens when the pump is in operation. It is only needed when the center of a pump's suction entrance is higher than the water source.

forb A nongrassy plant that does not form wood. It may be an annual, perennial, or biennial.

Often used to describe plants of meadows or prairies.

force account Construction work on a time-and-materials basis that may have a limit set by money available.

forced bloom See forcing.

forcing Bringing flowers, vegetables, and fruits to maturity out of season.

forecourt An entry space.

foreman A specially trained individual that leads, works with, and is responsible for the actions of a crew.

forest 1. A biological community dominated by trees and other woody plants covering land. Also, any large area where trees are predominant. 2. An area designated by a governing agency as a forest.

forestry Generally, a profession involved with the science, business, and art of creating, conserving, or managing future use of forests.

forklift truck A motorized vehicle with two extended steel prongs capable of lifting and moving heavy materials or objects.

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