g Abbreviation for gram (s).

ga. Abbreviation for gauge.

gabion walls A retaining wall made of rectangular containers (baskets) fabricated of heavily galvanized wire, which are filled with stone and stacked on one another, usually in tiers that step back with the slope rather than vertically.

gable The end of a pointed roof with two sloping sides of equal length meeting at a ridge point.

gable roof A roof having two sides of continuous slope meeting at a ridge point.

gain A groove or notch cut into one wood member to receive another wood member shaped to fit.

gal Abbreviation for gallon(s).

galeate Helmet shape.

gall Abnormal growths on leaves, stems, trunks, or branches usually caused by an infestation of insects, fungi, bacteria, or viruses.

gallery 1. A long, covered area used as a corridor. 2. An underground passageway usually for servicing. 3. The highest, usually enclosed, seats in a stadium.

gallon English or U.S. capacity measurement comprised of 4 quarts, 231 cubic inches, or 3.785 liters.

gallon can or gallon container A loose term describing the size of a plant container (usually plastic or metal) that varies in volume from M to 1 gal.

gallons per minute The number of gallons per minute passing by a point of reference. This is the usual U.S. (English) volume flow measurement for sprinkler irrigation calculations in pumping, pipe sizing, and irrigation regulation and distribution devices (sprinkler heads, emitters, meters, valves, etc.).

gal./min. Abbreviation for gallon per minute. See gpm.

GALV, galv Abbreviation for galvanized.

galvanic corrosion The decomposition of metals through electromechanical action (electrolysis) in the presence of two dissimilar metals (galvanized steel and copper or brass, etc.) in contact and a compound capable of carrying electrical current such as water. This action causes decomposition and corrosion in metals.

galvanized A metal object covered with zinc to protect it from rusting.

galvanized iron Zinc-coated iron for use where there is exposure to water.

galvanized pipe Steel or iron pipe that has a zinc coating to resist corrosion. This is especially helpful in preventing corrosion when the exterior of a steel pipe is to be exposed to water, soil, or weather. The fittings for this type of pipe are normally threaded, but may also be compression fittings.

game In the ecosystem, animals harvested from the wild by hunters.

gamopetalous A description of a flower with united petals.

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