easy location of the leak for repair. (Compare with operational test.)

hydrozone A portion of a landscaped area having plants with similar water needs that are watered by one irrigation valve, or a set of valves with the same irrigation schedule.

hygroscopic Absorbing moisture from the air; plants taking up and holding moisture from the air. They sometimes swell, shrink, or change in position with the humidity.

hygroscopic water 1. Water bound tightly by soil solids at potential values lower than minus 31 bars. 2. Water tightly held by soil particles. It will not move with the influence of capillary action or gravity, and is normally unavailable to plants.

hypertufa A concrete mix utilizing some organic matter to promote the growth of moss and algae on its surface for an old or antique effect. Used to make planting containers, sometimes formed to resemble stone. It is made of various materials based on the basic mixture of one part each of Portland cement, peat moss, builder's sand, and water. The materials are molded over a form and dried.

hypo- A Greek prefix often used in botanical terms meaning beneath.

hypogynous A botanical term referring to the perianth and stamens being attached directly to the receptacle. (Compare with epigynous, perigynous.)

I.A. Abbreviation for Irrigation Association.

IAA Abbreviation for indole-3-acetic acid.

IAL Abbreviation for International Association of Lighting Designers.

IB Abbreviation for I-beam.

I-bar Steel or iron bar with a cross section resembling an I.

I-beam A metal beam with a cross section in the shape of an I.

ICBN Abbreviation for International Code of Botanical Nomenclature.

ICE Abbreviation for the Institution of Civil Engineers, London.

ice dam Accumulation of snow and ice at the eaves of a sloping roof.

iconic Of or relating to architecture.

ID, id 1. Abbreviation for inside dimension. 2. Ab-breviation for identification. 3. Abbreviation for inside diameter.

ide or idus See golden orfe.

IEE Abbreviation for Institution of Electrical Engineers, London.

IEEE Abbreviation for Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

IERI Abbreviation for Illuminating Engineering Research Institute.

IES Abbreviation for the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America.

igneous rock Rock formed from the cooling of molten magma (molten material from the earth), having a temperature in excess of at least 1000F, which then cools to a solid.

illuminance The brightness of something luminous.

imbricate In botanical terms, overlapping as with fish scales, snake skin, or roof shingles; arranged in a tight, shingled spiral.

immarginate In botanical terms, without a leaf margin.

immature soil Earthen material in a soil profile characterized by not having discernable horizons, much resembling the parent material.

impact 1. In ecology or environmental terms, to have a significant or major influence or effect for change. 2. In construction terms, to strike forcefully.

impact fee A payment of money imposed by a government agency on development activity as a condition of granting development approval or a building permit to assist in payment for the planned facilities needed to serve new dependent growth and development activity. Impact fees generally do not include a reasonable permit fee, application fees, administrative fees for collecting and handling impact fees, the cost of reviewing calculations, or the administrative fees required for appeal.

impact head or impact sprinkler A sprinkler head that irrigates with a stream of water impacted by an arm that bounces off the stream and is returned by a spring. The impact action turns the head. Impact heads usually allow adjustment of arcs without nozzle change but

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