completely different times and days from another set of valves or heads.

indeterminate 1. A stem that continues to grow without being limited by a terminal inflorescence. 2. A sequential flowering beginning with the lateral or basal flowers, and continuing to the upper or central flowers.

indigenous 1. Originating, living, occurring, or growing naturally in an area. 2. A term used to describe plants that are native, or natural to an area, site, region, or environment at some point in time. Opposite of exotic. See also native plant.

indirect expense Overhead expense not directly chargeable to a specific project.

indirect lighting Illumination distributing 90 to 100% of the emitted light upward to a surface so as to provide reflected light rather than direct light.

indirect luminaire A luminaire emitting 90 to 100% of its total light above a horizontal plane.

indirect solar water heating system A

solar water heating system utilizing a closed circulation loop through a heat exchanger. The fluid flowing through the solar collector is isolated from the water to be heated.

indirect sunlight Light from the sun that is not direct, but diffused or reflected. This term usually refers to the light needed to sustain a plant when direct sunlight may damage it. Most often used in reference to indoor plant locations.

indirect waste pipe A drainpipe with an air gap between it and the rest of the drainage system, preventing siphonage backward.

indole-3-acetic acid A naturally occurring auxin produced in the apical meristems of roots and shoots.

indumentum A descriptive botanical term referring to a plant part having a dense, hairy covering.

indurated In botanical terms, hardened.

indusium The thin covering over clustered sporangia of a fern sori.

industrial waste Waste in water from industrial uses.

inert Inactive, deficient in active properties, or lacking the anticipated biological or chemical action. This term is often used in reference to seed or fertilizer material that is just excess filler without the properties desired by the user.

inferior ovary In botanical terms, an ovary that is below the calyx leaves.

infertile 1. Soil that lacks nutrients necessary for healthy plant growth. 2. Plants that do not flower, do not bear fruit, or do not have functional reproductive organs. 3. Anything infertile or unproductive.

infill Development or redevelopment of land that has been bypassed, remains vacant, or is underused in the continuing urban development process.

infiltration 1. A gas or liquid passing into or through a substance such as soil by penetrating its pores or interstices. 2. The movement or seepage of water from the surface to the subsoil or groundwater. Its rate is normally expressed in terms of inches (or mm) per hour. 3. Water entering an excavation, hole, drainpipe, or sewage pipe, etc. from surrounding earth.

inflated In botanical terms, turgid and bladdery.

inflexed A botanical term that means bent inward.

inflorescence A botanical term that refers to the arrangement of flowers on the stem or the flower cluster as a whole.

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