internal grip

internal manual bleed A feature that allows an automatic valve to open manually (without a controller) by releasing water from above the diaphragm to the downstream side of the valve. It is useful during installation and maintenance operations.

International Code of Botanical Nomenclature (ICBN) An internationally recognized code intended to promote uniformity and stability within botanical nomenclature. The code provides a method and record for naming taxonomic groups, avoiding names that could cause error, ambiguity, or confusion. These difficulties are a significant detriment, plaguing communication and understanding in the use of common names. The code is adopted by the International Botanical Congress, and is updated from time to time. The code adopted in 1993 by the 15th congress in Yakahama, Japan, was known as the Tokyo Code. The most recent publishing of this dictionary was adopted in 1999 at St. Louis, Missouri, by the 16th International Botanical Congress.

internode In botanical terms, the part of a stem between two nodes, or joints.

interpolation The process of determining or plotting the elevation and location of unknown points on a site, map, or drawing from the location of points of a known elevation.

interspecific hybrid or interspecies hybrid

To hybridize by producing plants from two separate varieties within a species.

interstice A narrow or small space between objects such as brick or stone in a wall, or the minute space between soil particles.

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