juniperifolius, j'uniperifolia, j'uniperi-folium leaves like juniper (Juniperus)

juniperinus, juniperina, juniperinum like a juniper kalmiiflorus, kalmiiflora, kalmiiflorum flowers like mountain laurel (Kalmia)

kamtschaticus, kamtschatica, kamtschaticum from Kamchatka kansuensis, kansuense Kansu, China kashmirianus, kashmiriana, kashmirianum from Kashmir kermesinus, kermesina, kermesinum carmine, vivid red, scarlet, or crimson kewensis, kewense from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, England kiusianus, kiusiana, kiusianum from Kyushu, Japan koreanus, koreana, koreanum; koriaensis, koriaense from Korea kousa Japanese for Cornus kousa labiatus, labiata, labiatum; labiosus, labiosa, labiosum having a lip laburnifolius, laburnifolia, laburnifolium leaves like Laburnum lacer, lacera, lacerum lacerated, cut laciniatus, laciniata, laciniatum; laciniosus, laciniosa, laciniosum shredded or cut into narrow divisions or cut strips; torn, fringed lactatus milky lactescens becoming milky, secreting a lactate-like substance lacteus, lactea, lacteum milk-white lactifer, lactifera, lactiferum milk-white-colored flowers lactucifolius, lactucifolia, lactucifolium leaves like lettuce (Lactuca)

lacustris, lacustre of lakes laetiflorus, laetiflora, laetiflorum bright flowers laetivirens bright green laetus, laeta, laetum bright laevicaulis, laevicaule smooth stems laevigatus, laevigata, laevigatum; laevis, laeve smooth lagodechianus, lagodechiana, lagodechianum from Lagodechi, Kaukasus, in Georgia, Russia lamellatus, lamellata, lamellatum layered lanatus, lanata, lanatum wooly lanceolatus, lanceolata, lanceolatum; lanceus, lancea, lanceum, lanceolate lance- or spear-shaped lancifolium leaves lance-shaped laniger, lanigera, lanigerum; lanosus, lanosa, lanosum lanceolate, lance or spear-shaped lantanoides lantana-like lanuginosus wooly, downy lapponicus, lapponica, lapponicum from Lapland, above the Arctic Circle laricinus, laricina, laricinum like larch (Larix)

lasiacanthus, lasiacantha, lasiacanthum wooly and spined lasiandrus, lasiandra, lasiandrum wooly stamens lasiocarpus, lasiocarpa, lasiocarpum wooly or rough fruit

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