l. 1. Abbreviation for liter(s). 2. Abbreviation for linear.

L.A. Abbreviation for landscape architect.

labiate In botanical terms, bilabiste, or having the limb of a tubular corolla or calyx (as with mint plants) divided into two different sized portions with one overlapping the other.

labor and material payment bond A monetary guarantee by an insurance company to an owner that a contractor will pay for all labor and materials of a contracted work or, in the event that the contractor does not, then the surety will pay for those debts holding the owner harmless financially and the contractor responsible to pay the debts back to the bonding company.

labyrinth 1. A maze sometimes made of hedges in gardens. These garden features are comprised of convoluted paths outlined by hedges, usually above eye level, and with the usual design goal to make negotiating them to their entrances or exits difficult and confusing.

lace bug See lacewing.

laced valley or woven In roofing, the interlacing of roofing materials at a valley (inside angled intersection).

lacerate A descriptive botanical term referring to a plant part that appears torn or irregulary cut or cleft.

lacewing An insect with large, translucent wings with dark veins, long antennae, and brilliant eyes. They are serious plant pests as they creep on undersides of leaves, sucking their juices. They generally fly at night and are fond of azaleas, chrysanthemums, rhododendrons, and photinias.

laciniate In botanical terms, slashed or cut into deep, narrow lobes or usually unequal segments.

lacquer A liquid, usually enamel, applied to surfaces where it dries to a glossy finish.

lacrosse A goal game played on a lawn where players throw and catch with long-handled devices. The playfield space required is 330 ft long and 180 to 210 ft wide.

lacustrine Pertaining to or growing around lakes.

lactiferous A botanical term meaning bearing a milky latex.

ladder A device used to climb up or down having slender steps (rungs) between two rails.

ladybird See ladybug.

ladybug Small, rounded, usually brightly colored, beetles of the family Coccinellidae that feed on other insects. They feed on these insects both in the larval stage and as adults. They often help control small sucking insects such as aphids on plants.

lag bolt A metal, threaded, pointed bolt with an expanded flattop portion, flattened to accept a wrench for tightening. Similar to a wood screw, but can be tightened with more force and generally of a larger size. The shank of this bolt differs from the shank of a machine bolt or carriage bolt in that the threads of this bolt start from a pointed base and are wider apart with a greater angle to their rise for piercing and grasping wood or a similar substance. Threads on the

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