Lateral line

land-use plan A map showing existing or future uses of land areas. When compiled by a city it will usually include designations such as commercial, industrial, agricultural, single-family residential, multifamily residential, etc.

land use planning Making plans for the uses of land that will over a long period best serve the general welfare of people together with facilitating the ways and means to accomplish them.

land-use survey A gathering of information to produce a map of existing land uses.

lane 1. A portion of a road accommodating a single line of vehicles and usually painted with lines to define its limits. 2. A narrow road or path usually bounded by a vertical element (shrubs, trees, fence, buildings, etc.) on one or both sides.

lantern flies See leafhopper.

lantern skylight A small skylight.

lanuginous In plant identification and description, a botanical term meaning woolly or cottony.

lap 1. To overlap at least a portion. 2. The length to which structural members, sheeting, etc. overlaps.

lap adhesive An adhesive used to seal the overlaps of a jacket around an insulated pipe.

lap cement An asphalt adhesive used between overlaps of rolled roofing.

lap joint The area of overlapping materials. This is usually in reference to rigid materials such as wood or steel overlapped and secured together to afford support to one or both pieces.

lapies Usually a deeply trenched bedrock beneath the soil surface that has been affected by limestone, gypsum, or other soluble rock.

large knot A knot in lumber greater than 1M in (3)5 cm) in diameter.

larry A hoe useful in mixing mortar that has a hole or holes in it.

larva A stage of some insects when they are active, immature, wingless, and have been hatched from an egg. They usually live by eating plant material.

latch A device with at least two separate parts mounted on two adjacent disconnected items (objects) that facilitates an interconnection between its parts, by movement of a portion of it to fasten the two items (objects) together, but not lock them together.

latch plate The thin metal piece protecting the area of a door around a latch.

lateral 1. In botanical terms, born on the side of a structure or organ. 2. A lateral line.

lateral une \mam lateral line lateral bud A bud on the side of a stem or branch and not at an end of either.

lateral force A force or load usually acting in a horizontal direction. Examples of these forces are earthquakes, wind, and pressure exerted by soil or water against a wall that retains it.

lateral line or lateral pipe A pipeline in an irrigation system that distributes water from

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