Light pole

liana A botanical term referring to a climbing or woody vine.

license A written permission given to engage in an activity, as required by law or agency rule. lien See mechanic's lien.

life-cycle cost The cost of a material, or piece of equipment, structure, etc., including its initial cost and maintenance costs during its lifetime. lift 1. A layer of compacted fill material. This earthen material is used in filling operations placed at various thicknesses to facilitate some end such as a degree of compaction. A compacted, stable fill is comprised of lifts of a certain thickness (as necessary for various materials and aggregates to facilitate compaction) that have each been compacted. 2. A scaffold frame above another scaffold frame. 3. Concrete poured between two construction joints. 4. A portion of vertically formed concrete poured at one time. 5. An amount of grout or mortar placed at one time in a structure such as a wall. 6. A bench in a multilevel excavation. 7. A forklift. liftgate A gate opening by moving it vertically, as opposed to a gate that swings open on a side edge.

lifting Digging plants up for storage or for transplanting.

lift latch or thumb latch A bar on a door (small or large) that must be lifted at one or both ends to allow the door to open. light 1. A pane of glass. 2. An artificial source of illumination.

light source

lightbulb See incandescent lamp.

light globe Most often this refers to an incandescent lamp.

lighting 1. Various methods, equipment, etc. used to provide light; illumination. 2. The coverage, distribution, and intensity of any artificial light. 3. Any devices supplying artificial light.

lighting fixture An electrical device that holds a lamp, usually has a lens, and often is decorative.

lighting panel An electrical box containing fuses or circuit breakers protecting branch circuits serving lighting fixtures.

lighting unit A lighting fixture. Also a luminaire.

lightning arrester A device protecting electrical wiring and devices from the affects of lighting.

light pole Any pole holding aloft a light source. They are usually made of metal or wood and contain a hollow portion where wires or pipes can be concealed.

light pole
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