Magnetic bearing

magnetic bearing A line referencing from local magnetic north as found on a compass and changing over great latitudinal distances.

magnetic declination The angle, usually expressed in degrees, from magnetic north to true north.

magnetic north The direction a compass that points from a specific location to magnetic north. This direction is not the same as true north. True north may be found if one knows the magnetic declination angle for a location.

mailbox A box used to facilitate mail delivery.


main connection The point where a sprinkler system is connected to the city or public water line.

main line A pipe line in a sprinkler system that distributes water from a source to valves. Also known as a pressure line. (Compare with lateral line.)

main line

main sewer A sewer line into which sewer branches dispense materials.

maintained Preserved in a condition or state of quality equivalent to that which was designed, constructed, or used in the past.

maintenance Upkeep of land, structures, plants, machinery, equipment, systems, etc. It includes but is not limited to mowing, weeding, tilling, pruning, sweeping, and replacement of defective parts in a manner that does not alter the basic design.

makeup water In irrigation, water supplied to compensate for losses by evaporation and leakage.

male A pipe fitting or device that either has outside threads or is an unflared pipe end, or a device with a protrusion of the appropriate size for acceptance into a female socket (glued, threaded, or compression tightened, etc). This is

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