lukiangensis, lukiangense from Lukiang, China lunatus, lunata, lunatum; lunulatus, lunulata, lunulatum crescent shape luridus, lurida, luridum grayish-yellow, orange, pale, ghastly, or highly colored lusitanicus, lusitanica, lusitanicum from Portugal (Lusitania)

luteolus, luteola, luteolum yellowish lutescens turning yellow or yellowish luteus, lutea, luteum yellow luxurians luxuriant lychnidifolius, lychnidifolia, lychnidifolium leaves like Lychnis lycopodioides like club-moss (Lycopodium)

lydius, lydia, lydium from Asia Minor lyratus, lyrata, lyratum fiddle shape, lyre shape lysimachioiedes resembling Lysimachia macedonicus, macedonica, macedonicum from Macedonia macracanthus, macracantha, macracanthum large spines macradensus, macradensa, macradensum large glands macrandrus, macrandra, macrandrum; macrantherus, macranthera, macrantherum large anthers macranthus, macrantha, macranthum large flowers macrobotrys large grape-like clusters macrocarpus, macrocarpa, macrocarpum large fruits macrocephalus, macrocephala, macrocephalum large heads macrodontus, macrodonta, macrodontum large teeth macrophyllus, macrophylla, macrophyllum large leaves macrorrhizus, macrorrhiza, macrorrhizum large roots macrospermus, macrosperma, macrospermum large seeds macrostachyus, macrostachya, macrostachyum large spikes maculatus, maculata, maculatum; maculifer, maculifera, maculiferum; maculosus, maculosa, maculosum spotted, spots madagascariensis, madagascariense from Madagascar magellanicus, magellanica, magellan-icum from near the Straits of Magellan magnificus, magnifica, magnificum magnificent, distinguished majalis, majale May flowers; of May majesticus, majestica, majesticum majestic major; majus, maja, majum big, large malabaricus, malabarica, malabaricum from Malabar, India malacoides soft or sticky or gelatinous, or mallow-like maliformis, maliforme apple shape malvaceus, malvacea, malvaceum like mallow (Malva)

malviflorus, malviflora, malviflorum flowers like those of mallow (Malva)

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