Manual bleed

manual angle valve

manual bleed On an automatic valve that is normally closed, a small device on the valve which if turned enough will allow a bit of water to escape, triggering the valve to open and allowing water to flow through the valve into the downstream piping. The small amount of water that escapes (bleeds) through the bleed valve to the outside water system while in operation is how it got its name. This is useful on an automatic sprinkler valve as it allows one to open the valve and operate sprinklers without accessing the automatic controller. It is useful when testing the valve for operation because of lack of response from sprinkler controller operation, or when repairing sprinklers and flushing lines.

manual drain A drain valve of various styles and types, useful in a sprinkler system where it is manually opened or closed (by hand or with a valve key) to allow water to drain from a pipe. It is useful at low points on sprinkler pipes in temperate climates to prevent damage to pipes, fitting, etc. from freezing when full of water. (Compare with automatic drain.)

manual operation Operated by hand instead of automatically. Sprinkler controllers have this option. Some sprinkler control valves are operated only by hand, but nearly all today are automatically operated with an option for manual operation (hand operation) by opening a bleed valve or by unscrewing some other part of the valve such as a solenoid.

manual system or manual sprinkler system A sprinkler system that requires manual operation by turning on and off valves by turning a handle, knob, etc. by hand or with a sprinkler key.

manual drain valve
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