Masonry cement

masonry column (plan view section)

masonry cement Cement used in mortar.

masonry course A horizontal row of masonry units in a wall.

masonry drill A rotating, electrically powered drill with a bit suitable for making holes in masonry.

masonry nail A hardened-steel, small nail with a fluted shank used for fastening items to masonry.

masonry unit A natural or man-made building unit of stone, burnt clay, etc.

mason's hammer A heavy-headed hammer with one face for pounding and the other side of the head shaped much like a chisel.

masonwork See masonry.

mass balance A balanced input and output of product in an ecological system or area.

mass movement See landslide. mass retaining wall A gravity wall.

mass transfer In phytoremediation, the conveyance of liquids, gases, or solid materials from one location to another, such as from groundwa-ter to plant or from soil to plant.

mast arm A piece of a lamp pole between the luminaire and the pole. It attaches to the pole and holds the luminaire (light fixture) over an area to illuminate it.

master plan See comprehensive plan.

MASTERSPEC A proprietary example or model of specifications for construction work produced by the American Institute of Architects and often used by the construction industry as a base for modifying to a specific job.

master switch A single switch controlling supply of electricity to an entire site, project, structure, or building.

master valve In irrigation, a valve that turns off water to the main line until irrigation is to occur and then turns water off at the conclusion of irrigation. With an automatic irrigation design using a master valve, one must make certain that a controller has a wire connection point for a master valve in order to operate it automatically.

mastic 1. A thick, putty-like substance used to seal between loosely fit concrete pieces, such as segments of a manhole placed atop another. It often comes in preformed thick strips covered with a protective paper or plastic strip that is stripped away as it is applied. 2. A coating used on thermal insulation to make it more durable, especially to weather conditions.

matchboards Boards that have a formed, raised bump along the length of one edge and a corresponding groove along the other length of edge. This allows them to be placed together (one inserted into the other) side-by-side to make a tight, strong fit. Also called tongue-and-groove, or dressed and matched boards.

matched precipitation In irrigation, sprinkler heads under the same water pressure having flow rates proportional to the area of coverage. The area of coverage is dependant upon arc, radius (or length of throw), or pattern. In matched precipitation, one quarter-circle head

masonry column (plan view section)

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