Maximum demand

will allow to flow (gpm) one quarter the water that a full-circle head will allow to flow (gpm). This is usually achieved by using the same head with nozzles appropriately selected. In order for this matching of nozzles to be useful and assure matched precipitation over an area of irrigation, sprinkler heads must be placed to achieve head-to-head coverage. This condition assists in obtaining a more uniform and even distribution of water without wet and dry spots. For water conservation, this is important because when precipitation rates are not matched, one must water longer to assure adequate water to areas receiving less water.

matched precipitation rate 1. A system or zone in which all heads have similar precipitation rates and are spaced with head-to-head coverage. 2. Sprinkler heads and nozzles matched with flow rates proportional to the area of coverage. See matched precipitation).

matched roof boards Boards used in roofing that are matchboards.

matched siding See drop siding.

material safety data sheets According to OSHA, detailed information prepared by a manufacturer or importer of a chemical that describes the physical and chemical properties, physical and health hazards, routes of exposure, precautions for safe handling and use, emergency and first aid procedures, and control measures.

mat foundation A thick, reinforced concrete slab used instead of wall or column footings or foundations to support and distribute the load of a structure to a soil having low-bearing capacity.

matrix 1. Within a landscape mosaic, the background of ecosystems or land uses charac terized by a large area within a mosaic with high connectivity. 2. With regard to mortar or cement, the material in which aggregate or sand is embedded.

maturation region The area of a root characterized by the formation of root hairs arising from the root epidermis or from the cortex. This area becomes the absorption zone and is highly structured, accommodating the flow of water, nutrients, and vascular tissues. The water and nutrients are transported to the other parts of the plant from this region.

mature soil A soil containing A horizon, B horizon, and a C horizon.

maturing The process of hardening mortar, plaster, concrete, etc.

maturity 1. A plant that has reached its maximum size. 2. Organic matter that has reached a point in decomposition in which it will not inhibit plant growth by robbing nitrogen through further decomposition.

matutinal In plant identification and descriptions, of the morning or opening and functional in the morning.

maul, mall A heavy-headed, short-handled hammer made of wood. See also mallet or beetle.

MAX, max. Abbreviation for maximum.

maximum acceptable pressure The highest pressure that the weakest component can withstand without damage, or without premature wearing and eventual failure of the component.

maximum demand 1. The greatest flow of water (or waste discharge) for all the fixtures, heads, outlets, etc. in a pipe system. This is usually for a specific time or the time of most use (most water flow). 2. The most electricity

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