Milky disease


milky disease A bacterial infection that kills Japanese beetles and grubs that may be applied to lawns to control them.

mill construction Heavy timber works.

milligram (mg) The metric weight measurement of 0.001 grams or 0.015 grains.

milliliter The metric measurement equal to 0.001 l or 0.061 in3.

millimeter (mm) The metric length measurement of one thousandth of one meter (0.001m), or 0.039 of an inch.

milling 1. The processing of stone, or applying various cutting or shaping techniques to finished stone. 2. The process of dressing a surface of metal with rotary cutters to produce a desired surface.

millipede A cylindrical, hard-shelled myrioped 1 to 2 in long and coiled when at rest and having two pairs of legs on each body segment. They generally only feed on dead or decaying material.

mill run Ungraded and uninspected products from a mill.

millwork Wood products made at a wood-planing mill ready for use as moldings, cabinets, door frames, etc.

min. Abbreviation for minute or minimum.

mineralization The conversion of an element from an organic form to an inorganic state as a result of microbial decomposition.

mineral soils Soils in which the mineral component predominates.

mineral spirit or petroleum spirit A

flammable thinner obtained in petroleum distillation often used in paints and varnishes.

mini-excavator A small trackhoe useful for digging in small areas and for trenching.


minimalist design A type of design where the use of decorative elements, including ornamentation and color, is kept to a minimum.

minimum acceptable pressure The lowest water pressure satisfactory for operation at the

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