most hydraulically remote fixture or component in a piping system.

minor change A change in construction work not involving an adjustment in the contract sum or contract time.

misalignment sensing probe A device mounted in the casing of a pump impeller that monitors its wear and separation so that when it is worn it can be replaced before serious damage occurs.

MISC, misc. Abbreviation for miscellaneous.

mission tile A curved, red-clay roofing tile laid in courses, with adjacent tiles having their convex side laid alternately up and down. See Spanish tile.

mister A device delivering a very fine spray or almost fog of water.

mite A small arachnid that sucks plant juices. There are many varieties causing disease with a variety of symptoms on plants. Most are difficult to see with the unaided eye, but the damage is visible in striped leaves and small webs, especially on undersides of leaves.

miter box A channel with grooves for guiding a handsaw at the proper angle in making a miter joint.

miter joint An angled joint where two members meet.

miter, mitre A beveled end or edge.

mitigation Any option that will decrease the impact (negative or positive) of an action or occurrence on the natural or human environment. This is a practice that ameliorates environmental impact by replacement, restoration, or enhancement of functional values. In changes on the land, this refers to efforts to prevent, avoid, minimize, compensate for, or replace damaged land, water, air, plants, wildlife, economic impacts, social impacts, etc.

mitigation banking With regard to wetland mitigation, accumulating acreage credits through replacement enhancement, restoration, or preservation of wetlands to be applied toward compensation for filling other wetlands as may be required by government agencies.

mixed bud A bud that produces both flowers and leaves such as with a leafy branch having one or more flowers.

mixer See concrete mixer.

mlf Abbreviation for thousand linear feet.

mm Abbreviation for millimeter(s).

moat A broad, deep, usually water-filled trench surrounding a property or area.

model 1. A usually three-dimensional representation at a small scale of a full-scale project for purposes of study or to illustrate construction. 2. A pattern of something intended to be reproduced. 3. In land analysis, any method of problem solving.

moderately well-drained soils Soils in which water is removed somewhat slowly, therefore, the soil profile is wet for a small but significant portion of time.

modification 1. A written amendment to contract documents. 2. A change order.

modulus of rupture A measure of the load-carrying capacity of a beam being expressed as the ration of the bending moment at rupture to the section modulus of the beam.

modulus of toughness The amount of energy per unit volume absorbed by a structural material when subject to shock or impact without fracture.

moellon Filling between stone facing walls made of stone rubble.

mold A fungus on dead or living material.

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