motor grader

mottled A term used to describe spotted or discolored portions of leaves.

mound A berm; an area of raised ground.

mounded 1. A description of an area of ground with an earthern mound or mounds. 2. A descriptive term for ground covers (and some low horizontal shrubs), and grasses (or grasslike plants) that have a mounded form. In ground cover, mounded forms may be quite prostrate, but at the point of each plant center, the foliage is mounded higher. This form in grasses usually indicates a mounding form made of weeping foliage. The upper leaves cover the lower leaves. (Compare with tufted, upright grasses, upright divergent grasses, upright arching grasses, arching.) 3. Any material or debris in a pile or heap.

mounded plant forms mounded plant forms mountable curb A low curb with a flat slope designed to be crossed easily by a vehicle.

moving lane Any traffic lane where traffic movement is the primary or sole function. (Compare with parking lane.)

mow 1. To cut down or cut off plants, especially grass, to an even height. 2. The hay storage area in a raised portion of a barn.

MPO Abbreviation for metropolitan planning organization.

MPR Abbreviation for matched precipitation rate.

mpt Abbreviation for male pipe thread.

MR Abbreviation for mill run.

MSA Abbreviation for metropolitan statistical area.

MSDS Abbreviation for material safety data sheets.

msf Abbreviation for thousand square feet.

muck 1. Dark organically rich soil. 2. Soft, moist, farmyard manure. 3. Material removed in excavation. 4. To clean up manure, mud, filth, etc.

mucronate In botanical terms, tipped with an abrupt short point. (Compare with retuse, cuspidate, aristate, acuminate, acute, emarginate, obtuse.)

mucronate leaf tip

mucronulate A diminutive of mucronate.

mud 1. Soil mixed with sufficient water to make it pliable. 2. Masonry mortar.

mudflow The movement of a mass of weak, water-saturated soil downslope.

mulch 1. A top dressing material spread over a planting bed, or around the base of a tree,

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