N, n 1. Abbreviation for north. 2. The symbol for nitrogen. This is the first percentage listed on a complete fertilizer bag. 3. Abbreviation for nail. 4. A type of exterior mortar having 1 part by volume Portland cement, 1 part by volume hydrated lime, and water in the amount of 2^4 to 3 times the volume of cement and lime. It is mostly used for residential construction, masonry veneers, and interior construction. See also mortar types M and S.

NA, na 1. Abbreviation for not available. 2. Abbreviation for not applicable.

NAA Abbreviation for naphthalene acetic acid.

NAAMM Abbreviation for National Association of Architectural Metal Manufacturers.

nab The strike plate for a door bolt.

NAHB Abbreviation for National Association of Home Builders.

nail 1. A slender, usually sharp, pointed fastener designed to be pounded into material for attachment of something. It holds better to material if it is pointed, but splits wood less if it is blunt. Those made of aluminum, stainless steel, or hot-dipped-galvanized steel are weather resistant. Those coated with zinc, cement, or other materials, or with spirals or rings formed in them, hold to the object they are pounded into much tighter. 2. The act of pounding the fastener described in (1).

nailable concrete Concrete with lightweight aggregate, or sometimes also containing sawdust, into which nails can be driven easily.

nail claw An essentially straight, steel bar with a hooked, curved, or claw-like end with a flat tip and a slot in it. The slot is for fitting over a nail head and allows the nail to be pulled from material into which it has been driven. It is also useful in tearing apart structures, walls, etc. during demolition or remodeling. The flat tip can be driven between attached boards and used to pry them apart.

nail plate A metal plate fitting over two joining wood members having holes that allow nails to be driven through to secure the attachment of the two members.

nail punch A short, tapered, strong, steel tool with a slightly broadened top used to pound nails flush with a surface, or below a surface, or for marking a metal to start a drill bit in place.

nail stain A stain caused on a surface, which usually bleeds downward from the nail because the nail used was not weather resistant.

nailing strip A wood strip, attached to a surface as a base for attaching another material with nails.

naked A botanical term, a plant lacking various organs or appendages.

naked flooring The framework of flooring before floorboards are laid.

nanometer A measurable length of light wavelengths equal to 10-9 m or 10 angstroms (A).

naphthalene acetic acid A synthetically produced auxin.

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