Needle cast

is because many believe humans are influenced by natural environment, but do not consider humans to be part of the natural environment. All organisms influencing the environment would include humans.

natural erosion The amount of erosion expected on undisturbed land, usually between 0.18 and 0.30 tons of earth per one acre per year. (Compare with accelerated erosion.)

natural features In terms of land, conditions produced by nature such as surface land forms, geology, slopes, vegetation, water, drainage patterns, aquifers, recharge areas, climate, microclimate, floodplains, aquatic life, wildlife, views, and landscape ecological patterns of patch, corridor, or matrix.

natural finish An application, varnish, water-repellent preservative, sealer, etc. that does not significantly affect the original color or grain, but often enhances and preserves the material to which it is applied.

natural grade The elevations and contours or land forms of the undisturbed natural surface of the ground of a site or land area.

naturalize Allowing a plant to reseed or spread with whatever random natural causes may affect its propagation and distribution in the landscape.

naturalized A plant that is thoroughly established and growing in an area, but originating from another area.

natural open space Land or water that is essentially unimproved.

natural sand A sand that is not crushed, but is the result of natural disintegration and abrasion of rock.

natural species Any species of organism natu rally found in an area. They may also include nonnative species of vegetation or wildlife that are adaptable to the climatic conditions of an area and are currently found living and propagating in an area without human assistance.

natural stone Rock from its native occurrence in the ground, not man-made imitation of rock as sometimes used in masonry.

natural ventilation Air movement within a greenhouse or building facilitating moving out stale air by natural forces, rather than by fans.

natural wetland A wetland that occurs naturally, without construction.

NBC, nbc Abbreviation for National Building Code.

NCM, ncm Abbreviation for noncorrosive metal.

necrosis A plant part that is dead and discolored.

nectary A descriptive botanical term referring to a plant's nectar-secreting gland that is usually a small pit or protuberance.

needle The slender, narrow, needle-like leaves of coniferous plants.

needle leaf shape

needle leaf shape needle cast This disease of pine, fir, and spruce trees is caused by several fungi. Infected trees look scorched. It usually starts on lower branches with needles falling or sometimes leaving them with only green tips. Eventually it can kill the tree. Prevention is aided by avoiding poor drainage areas, and good air circulation around trees.

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