or other use. It may be open land, or greenhouses of trees, shrubs, flowers, or other plants.

nut 1. In botanical terms, a one-seeded fruit with a hardwood-like outer cover that does not spontaneously split. It is larger than an achene. 2. Edible, hard-shelled, usually one-seeded fruits (exceptions are peanut, etc.). 3. A short, metal piece with inside threads just larger in diameter than the bolt or threaded rod it screws onto. It may be twisted down the bolt shaft by hand and may have a rough surface for tightening by hand (thumb nut); but for more dependable torque tightening, most have a shape allowing a wrench to turn and tighten them.

nut nut nutrient Elements and components necessary for growth and development of an organism. In arboriculture, any chemical or substance that provides a raw material necessary for growth of plants. Macronutrients essential for plant growth are nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. See also micronutrients.

nymph 1. A larval form of some insects (grasshoppers, mayfly, silverfish, etc.) that resembles the adult form, but lacks fully developed and useful wings and genitalia. 2. In classical mythology, a divinity of nature represented as a beautiful maiden. These are sometimes the inspiration or object of a sculpture.

nymphaeum A room for relaxation decorated with plants, sculpture (sometimes nymphs), or fountains.

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