oblanceolate leaf shape

oblique In botanical terms, slanting of unequal sides. (Compare with leaf base descriptions of cuneate, obtuse, cordate, auriculate, sagitate, hastate, truncate, attenuate.)

oblique leaf base

oblong In botanical terms, plant parts that are much longer than wide (usually two to three times), have parallel edges, and are more or less elliptic.

oblong leaf shape oblong leaf shape obovate In botanical terms, inversely ovate, or the broad end toward the tip, shaped like an upside down egg.


obovoid Pear shaped.

obrotund Usually referring to a nearly round leaf shape.

observatory 1. A room, lookout point structure, or place with a wide view. 2. Any place used for observing the sky and studying stars, etc.

obtuse In botanical terms, a plant part that is blunt or rounded at the end or tip. It is especially used in describing blunt or rounded leaf tips. (Compare with leaf tip descriptive terms: retuse, cuspidate, aristate, acuminate, acute, mucronate, emarginate. Also, cuneate, attenuate, cordate, auriculate, sagitate, hastate, truncate, oblique.)

obtuse leaf tip

oc Abbreviation for on center; a measurement from the center of an element to the center of another element.

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