obliquus, obliqua, obliquum oblique oblongatus, oblongata, oblongatum oblong oblongifolius, oblongifolia, oblongifolium oblong leaves oblongus, oblonga, oblongum oblong obovatus, obovata, obovatum an egg-shape with the broadest end upward or at the end obscurus, obscura, obscurum indistinct, dark or dusky, obscure obsoleteus, obsoletea, obsoleteum rudimentary, obsolete obtusifolius, obtusifolia, obtusifolium blunt leaves obtusus, obtusa, obtusum blunt, rounded obvata inversely ovate, shaped like an upside-down egg occidentalis, occidentale western, NNv World ocellatus, ocellata, ocellatum with eye-like spots or blotches, small eyes ochraceus, ochracea, ochraceum ochre-colored, yellowish-brown ochroleucus, ochroleuca, ochroleucum yellowish-white ocimoides looking like basil (Ocimum)

octandrus, octandra, octandrum eight stamens octopetalus, octopetala, octopetalum eight petals oculatus, oculata, oculatum having an eye-like spot, blotch oculiroseus, oculirosea, oculiroseum a rose-colored eye ocymoides looking like basil (Ocimum)

odoratissimus, odoratissima, odoratissi-

mum very fragrant, having an odor odoratus, odorata, odoratum; odorifer, odorifera, odoriferum; odorus, odora, odorum fragrant, having an odor officinalis, officinale medicinal virtues (real or perceived)

oleifolius, oleifolia, oleifolium leaves like olive (Olea)

oleoides looking like olive (Olea)

oleraceus, oleracea, oleraceum of vegetable gardens, edible olifer, olifera, oliferum oil-bearing olitorius, olitoria, olitorium associated with culinary herbs olivaceus, olivacea, olivaceum light greenish-brown, olive colored, olive-like olympicus, olympica, olympicum of

Mount Olympus omiensis, omiense of Mount Omi, China ophioglossifolius, ophioglossifolia, ophioglossifolium leaves like adder's tongue fern (Ophioglossum)

oppositifolius, oppositifolia, oppositifolium having opposite leaves opuliflorus, opuliflora, opuliflorum flowers like Viburnum opulus opulifolius, opulifolia, opulifolium leaves like Viburnum opulus opuloides leaves looking like Viburnum opulus opulus snowball, species of Viburnum orbicularis, orbiculare; obiculatus, obiculata, obiculatum disc-shaped

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