Orbital sander

Generally, it is any land or area not covered with buildings, roads, parking lots, or pavements, etc., whether a constructed or a natural landscape. It usually refers to a park, recreational area, or natural area. Various governing jurisdictions define this term differently.

open string A board along the outside edge of stairs that extends down their length and is cut on its upper edge to fit the risers and treads. The steps' side edges are then open to view when viewing from the side. See also closed string.

open-timbered A structure with its timber work exposed.

open woods A forest or woods where the trees are not so heavily canopied as to prevent sunlight from having a beneficial effect on the forest floor.

operational pressure The pressure within a system in operation.

operational test Checking an irrigation system under normal water pressure while allowing its operation to determine if the water distribution devices receive enough water and pressure to perform to their designed activities. In sprinkler irrigation, one should check for proper length of coverage from the head, the proper arc coverage, and any fogging of heads (caused by excessive pressure).

opposite leaf arrangement

opposite In botanical terms, being directly on the other side, or straight across, as with leaf or branch attachments on some plants. (Compare with alternate.)

optical fiber cable A communication comprised of glass or plastic fibers with protective cladding, strengthening material, and an outside cladding. Lasers or diodes transmit light through these fibers. They are better for communication cables because they do not have electromagnetic interference problems or grounding problems, they are small in diameter, lightweight, and have a large transmission bandwidth. These may be encountered when digging underground, and it is important to locate them before digging commences as they are extremely expensive to repair and more expensive to pay for any necessary costs associated with losses of service. (Damaged large lines have been known to be expensive enough to put a reputable excavation or landscape company into bankruptcy, even with insurance.)

orbicular In botanical terms, a circular outline; usually in reference to a leaf or leaflet with a nearly circular shape.

orbicular leaf shape

orbital sander An electrically powered machine with a circular spinning wheel covered

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