orchidaceae orchid family orchideus, orchidea, orchideum; orchioides; orchoides orchid-like orchidflorus, orchidflora, orchidflorum flowers looking like those of orchids oreganus, oreganao, oreganum; oregonus, oregona, oregonum from Oregon oreophilus, oreophila, oreophilum of mountains orientalis, orientale of the Orient, Eastern origanifolius, origanifolia, origanifolium leaves like marjoram (Origanum)

origanoides looking like marjoram ( Origanum)

ornatus, ornata, ornatum showy, ornate, adorned ornithocephalus, ornithocephala, ornithocephalum shaped like a bird's head ornithopodus, ornithopoda, ornithopodum; ornithopus looking like the foot of a bird orthobotrys erect clusters orthocarpus, orthocarpa, orthocarpum erect fruits orthocladus, orthoclada, orthocladum straight branches orthoglossus, orthoglossa, orthoglossum a straight tongue orthopterus, orthoptera, orthopterum straight wings orthosepalus, orthosepala, orthosepalum straight sepals osmanthus fragrant-flowered, or holly olive or devilwood ovalis, ovale elliptic oval ovatus, ovata, ovatum egg-shaped with a wide end at the base or lower end ovifer, ovifera, oviferum; oviger, ovigera, ovigerum egg-shaped structures ovinus, ovina, ovinum of or looking like sheep oxyacanthus, oxyacantha, oxyacanthum sharp spines oxygonus, oxygona, oxygonum sharpangled oxylobus, oxyloba, oxylobum having sharp-pointed lobes oxyphilus, oxyphila, oxyphilum of acid soils oxyphyllus, oxyphylla, oxyphyllum sharp-pointed leaves pachyanthus, pachyantha, pachyanthum with thick flowers pachycarpus, pachycarpa, pachycarpum having thick seed coats pachyphloeus, pachyphloea, pachyphloeum having thick bark pachyphyllus, pachyphylla, pachyphyllum thick-leaved pachypodus, pachypoda, pachypodum having thick-based stems pacificus, pacifica, pacificum of the

Pacific Ocean palaestinus, palaestina, palaestinum of

Palestine pallens; pallidus, pallida, pallidum pale pallidus pale palmaris, palmare a hand's or palm's breadth, high or wide

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