P The symbol for phosphorus. This is the second percentage listed on a complete fertilizer bag.

packaged concrete All the necessary dry ingredients for concrete included in a bag or package allowing one to simply mix the contents of the bag with water to produce concrete.

packing 1. In masonry work on stone walls, small stones embedded in cracks and small spaces. 2. The material around the shaft of a value stem preventing water or fluid from leaking.

pad The flattened stem of a cactus.

paddock A relatively small field usually near a building that is meant to contain animals.

paenibacillus popillae or bacillus popillae

A biological (bacteria) control for the grub worms of Japanese beetles.

paint A combination of liquid and pigment that adheres tightly to a surface when dried.

paintbrush A tool comprised of long filaments bound together with a handle. The filaments are used to dip into paint, stain, etc. and spread it over a surface.

pale 1. Upright, usually pointed, flat, wooden, or round stakes set in a line to form a fence. 2. An area enclosed by upright stakes set in the ground and forming a fence.

palea The upper of two bracts (the other is the lemma) that enclose the flower of grasses. It is the bract closest to the point of the flower attachment.

paleaceous A botanical term meaning chaffy.

palisade A fence of trees, shrubs, or stakes fixed deeply in the ground in a close row. The French sometimes use this term to distinguish a hedge clipped to form a green wall, or a row of trees with bare trunks and the branches pleached to make a dense canopy. They are often found in formal gardens.

pallet 1. A series of planks nailed on larger wood members in a flat platform designed to accept the forks of a forklift. Materials are placed on the platform for easy handling and moving with the forklift. 2. A piece of wood between brick or masonry unit joints used for fastening wood or other objects to the wall.

palmate A botanical term applied to a leaf with three or more leaflets or divisions or with three or more main ribs (veins) all spread from a common point (as the apex of the petiole) like a hand with outspread fingers.

palmate veins
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