panorama 1. A wide-range view of an expanse of land area usually wider than one's field of vision and usually requiring turning one's head to comprehend the entire view. 2. A pictorial representation that is wide enough to make it difficult to see and comprehend all at once. 3. An unobstructed and completely open view in all directions. (Compare with vista and view.)

pantile A roofing tile with a sectional shape like that of an S laid on its side. The tiles are laid by overlapping one another.

pantograph A handheld drafting instrument used to copy drawings, plans, etc. while increasing or decreasing the scale if desired.

papilionaceous In botanical terms, butterfly shaped. This is usually applied to a corolla, such as that of the pea.

papilla, papillae A botanical term used to describe a small, nipple-shaped protuberance.

papillate or papillose A botanical term, covered with short, rounded, blunt projections.

papillose In botanical terms, covered with papillae.

pappas The hairs or bristles of an achene that usually assist in dispersing the seed. Examples are dandelions and milkweed.

paradigm 1. An example that is especially typical or outstandingly clear and understandable. 2. A theoretical framework of a discipline in support of laws, generalizations, and experiments.

parallel A botanical term referring to plant parts that have a shape nearly equally distant at every part or edge or with markings running in the same direction nearly equally distant.

parallel bar An instrument providing the benefits of a T-square, but much easier and faster to move up and down a drawing board as it rides on cables with small pulleys at each end of the bar, keeping the bar parallel at any point up or down the cables.

parallel parking Vehicle parking that is parallel with the direction of traffic flow and adjacent to the traffic area.

parallel venation or parallel-veined A pattern formed by veins in a leaf where they run essentially the same direction and are often equally spaced apart. They may have several or many more or less parallel main veins.

parallel venation

parapet 1. A low protective wall at the edge of a sudden drop, as at the edge of a terrace, roof, overlook, deck, balcony, etc. 2. That part of a building or a structure where the wall extends above the roof line.

parasite A pest, plant, or disease that lives on or in organisms of another species obtaining its life support from that organism known as the host. Parasites obtain their nutrients from hosts, but do not provide a useful return to their host plant. This can lead to the deterioration or death of the host.

parcel In the landscape this is a contiguous land area. It usually refers to a small piece of land with

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