Patent hammer

line and the curb, between the property line and the closest edge of the street paving, or between the sidewalk and the road curb.

parkway Usually the area with open ground available for landscaping between the property line and the curb or between the property line and the closest edge of the street paving.

part circle head A sprinkler head that distributes its water over an area less than a full circle (360°). Most sprinkler heads have adjustments for changing the pattern of the arc to a portion of a circle by twisting or turning a portion of the head, by placing a key in the top of the head and turning it, or by changing the nozzle on the head.

parted In botanical terms, a leaf with its edge (margin) having lobes cut more than halfway (according to some sources) or more than three-quarters of the way (deeply cut, according to other sources) from its edge to its base or midrib. (Compare with ciliate, pectinate, cleft, lobed, dentate, denticulate, serrate, serrulate, double serrate, incised, crenate, crenulate, entire.)

parted leaf margin

parterre An ornamental garden with paths between planting beds; usually designed in a pattern.

parthenocarpic The ability to produce fruits with seeds without fertilization.

partial shade A planting spot that receives filtered sun and not direct sunlight. It may get a little direct sun early or late in the day.

partite Divided into a number of parts.

parts per million (ppm) A measure indicating minute amounts of materials, usually by weight. For soil, it is the number of units by weight of the substance per million units of oven dry soil (1 pound per million pounds; 1 gram per million grams; etc.). For solutions, it is the number of weight units of substance per million units of solution.

party fence A fence separating properties or land parcels at the boundary so that either or both parties may find it useful.

passive open space Land that is unimproved, or improved with no designated active recreational use reserved for public or private use and enjoyment.

passive solar energy system A system collecting solar energy and utilizing it by natural means instead of mechanical moving devices. Heat is distributed without active devices by radiation, convection, or conduction.

pasteurization A process that eliminates harmful organisms. This differs from sterilization, which eliminates all living organisms.

pasture A fenced or enclosed outdoor area with plant material suitable for particular animals to graze upon.

patch In landscape ecology, a relatively homogeneous nonlinear area (when viewed from the air) that differs from its surroundings.

patent hammer A hammer with a head having two sides made of parallel thin chisels so that

Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

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