it is useful in applying texture to stone or in dressing it with a finish.

path A walkway.

pathogen Any disease of a plant (i.e., bacteria, parasites, fungus).

patina or patination 1. A greenish-brown crust that, when exposed over time, forms on bronze and is often thought of as aesthetically pleasing. 2. A green surface forming on copper or its alloys that have been exposed to the atmosphere and weather for a sufficient period of time. This is often a desirable attribute.

patio An outdoor space made of concrete, masonry, or other hard surface for bar-be-ques, outdoor dining, entertaining outdoors, sunning, or other activities. They are common behind houses where people spend leisure time.

patio furniture

patio furniture Any furniture made for outdoor use and intended for placing on decks, patios, plazas, etc.

patio tree A small tree meant to be grown in a container and often placed on a patio.

pavement light A heavy glass set in a paved surface and, while used as a walking surface, allows some light to a living or working space below grade.

paver 1. A stone, brick, tile, etc. used in making a pavement surface. 2. A machine that places concrete pavement while moving itself forward.

pavilion In a garden, fairground, or park, a structure or tent, usually open on all or most sides.

pavilion roof A steep roof, usually with a pyramidal shape.

paving aggregate Materials including, but not limited to, crushed stone, gravel, sand, slag, seashells, and vermiculite used in pavements, especially of concrete mixes.

paving unit Any prefabricated part laid or fit together in surfacing the ground.

PC Abbreviation for Portland cement; abbreviation for power connector.

pcf Abbreviation for pounds per cubic feet.

PE Abbreviation for professional engineer.

pea flower A descriptive botanical term referring to a plant's flower having a shape like a sweet-pea blossom.

pea gravel A fine, rounded, natural gravel of small diameter, about K to 3/a in (6.4 to 9.5 mm), usually gathered through screening.

pea gravel grout A grout containing pea gravel.

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