Pipe wrench

pipe expansion joint A device in a length of piping that compresses or extends to compensate for the piping expanding or contracting in length due to changes in temperature.

pipe fitter One who installs and joins pipe and its associated devices mostly outdoors.

pipe fitting A connection piece used in fitting pipe together. Examples are elbows, tees, couplers, etc.

pipe hanger A device that hangs from a point of attachment and holds a pipe in place. They are useful when placing piping in or under structures such as buildings, bridges, and parking structures.

pipe joint compound A sealing material used on threaded fittings.

pipelayer 1. A tool comprised of a winch and a boom with pulleys facilitating raising and lowering heavy pipes into trenches. They are usually mounted on a vehicle with tracks or wheels (usually tractors) to move along the pipe route. 2. A person skilled in fitting, laying, and securing pipe systems.

pipe plug Any male fitting for a pipe that when inserted (glued or threaded) into an opening or a pipe end plugs it off, preventing flow.

pipe puller A motorized machine with at least four wheels and a blade used to cut the ground and having an attachment at the base of the blade where pipe is attached for pulling into the ground.

pipe pulling A method of establishing underground pipe lines by attaching pipe at the bottom of a steel blade behind a bullet-shaped head on a pipe puller that pulls the pipe into the ground.

blade of pipe puller

pipe reducer Any fitting or device that facilitates changing sizes of pipes that are connected.

pipe ring A circular device for loosely holding a suspended pipe.

pipe saddle An upright support for pipes or devices attached to them.

pipe strap A thin metal strip wrapped around a pipe, allowing it to be hung from above.

pipe tee A pipe fitting with three openings for connections of pipe, nipples, or other devices.

pipe thread A V-shaped spiral cut on the inside or the outside of a pipe, or on a pipe fitting, coupling, or connector.

pipe tong A tool to screw or unscrew lengths of pipe or pipe fittings.

pipe vise A clamping device that has V-shaped jaws or a chain to hold pipe or devices firmly while being worked on.

pipe wrench A hand tool with a long handle, a movable jaw, and a stationary jaw. It is useful in pipe work with the jaws shaped to tighten when placed on a circular device or pipe and forced in a circular motion around the pipe. This allows piping for screwing together and tightening threaded pipes and devices.

pipe wrenches

piping 1. A reference to the action of runoff water or water from broken sprinklers passing through underground passages of eroded tunnels and back to the surface, or a reference to the passages themselves. 2. Any system of connected pipes or hollow cylindrical tubes used to carry liquids, such as in an irrigation system. 3. The migration of soil within the soil profile from one point to another.

pistil In botanical terms, this means the female ovule-bearing organ of a seed plant. This female portion of a flower is composed of an ovary, style, and stigma. See illustrations under flower and perianth.



pistillate In botanical terms, provided with pistils (female); a term used when stamens are not present. This term is descriptive of a female flower or plant (only having female reproductive components).

piston pump A pump that moves and compresses fluids by use of a piston with an intake and outlet to the chamber allowing fluid in as it retracts the piston and forcing water out as the piston is pushed to the other end of the chamber.

pit The stone (seed) of a drupe fruit such as that of stone fruit.

pit boards Any lumber placed horizontally as sheeting to prevent caving in of an excavated bank of earth.

pitch 1. The slope of a roof surface, often expressed as a ratio of a vertical drop or rise over a horizontal length such as 4:12,3:12, etc. 2. A dark distillate of tar or any of various resins. They may be useful in waterproofing, paving or caulking.

pitch pistil pitch

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