Plane ashlar

slanted blade that is on or in a flat skid. The skid with its projecting blade is pushed over the wood surface to cut thin strips away.

plane ashlar A stone unit usually used in masonry having tool marks on its surfaces.

planed lumber Lumber having one or more of its surfaces planed smooth.

plane surveying Surveying not taking the curvature of the earth into account in its calculations.

planimeter A mechanical device with an elbow and two parts to its arm; one part has a pin at its end to hold it steady on a drawing, and the other part is used to trace an area on the drawing. It is used for measuring the area of a plane surface within a perimeter on a map. A wheel usually near its elbow rotates as it is moved and yields a number that can be converted to the area at the scale of the drawing. It is useful in determining areas of odd shapes.

planing The process of smoothing a surface of a material by shaving off small thin sheets.

plank 1. A board 2 to 4 in (5 to 10 cm) thick and usually 8 in wide (20 cm) or more. 2. Any long, wide, reasonably thick piece of lumber, the dimensions of which vary depending on whether it is hardwood or softwood and depending upon lumber industry standards, etc. They are sometimes tongue-and-grooved at their edges.

plank fence 1. Any fence made with lumber. 2. A fence constructed with horizontal lumber attached to square posts.

planking 1. A wood surface made of planks. 2. The action of attaching planks. 3. A log flattened on two sides, usually for use in a cabin. 4. A reference to a quantity of planks.

planking and strutting Temporary wood members against the side of an excavation to prevent or redirect material caving in.

planned unit development (PUD) An area of contiguous land planned and developed as a single entity, containing one or more residential clusters and one or more public, quasi-public, commercial, or industrial areas, or nonresidential uses. They usually have an open space component and encourage pedestrian travel and access.

planning The process of studying and determining the layout of spaces, routes, structures, plantings, land uses, etc.

planning and zoning commission Within a government's jurisdictional area, a group of people (elected or appointed) that recommend boundaries of zoning districts and determine appropriate requirements relative to site plan review, including landscape requirements.

planning board See planning and zoning commission.

planning commission See planning and zoning commission.

plant available water (PAW) The quantity of water stored within the root zone between the conditions of field capacity and permanent wilting point.

plant classification An orderly, ranked system of similar plants that becomes less and less inclusive and from broadest to most specific is as follows: kingdom, division, class, order, family, genus, species, variety or cultivar, and hybrid or strain. See also botanical name and taxon.

plant community All of the plant species within a microclimate, habitat, or environment.

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