pitched roof A steep roof, usually in reference to gabled roof.

pitcher plants Carnivorous plants with leaves modified into organs shaped much like a pitcher.

pitch fiber pipe A pipe made of cellulose fiber and coal tar with an advantage of being lightweight.

pitchfork A tool with a long straight handle and several long, steel, pointed, and usually at least slightly curved pieces arranged in a forklike manner. It is used for picking up loose intertwined material such as hay, straw, pine needles, or for aerating, etc.

pitch oil Another name for creosote.

pitch pocket 1. A defect in softwood lumber where there is an opening in the grain containing pitch or resin. 2. A metal piece around a member where it penetrates the roof. It is usually filled with pitch or sealant to prevent leaking.

pith The soft, central core of trees or most plants. In herbaceous plants, it is the large central area used for support and storage. In a woody stem, it is the area of dead xylem cells at the center of a stem.

pith-faced Stone masonry finished with a chisel at the edges and the center left rough.

pith fleck A short dark streak in lumber caused by insects during growth.

pith ray See medullary ray.

pit-run gravel or bank-run gravel Ungraded gravel as it is taken directly from a bank of earth or pit.

pivot In agriculture, an irrigation pipe on wheels that rotates around a point of connection to a water source. It is often used at sod farms.

PL, pl 1. Abbreviation for power line. 2. Abbreviation for pipe line.

placenta In plants, the tissue of the ovary to which the ovules are attached.

plain ashlar Stone with the face to be exposed having been smoothed with a tool.

plain concrete or unreinforced concrete

1. Concrete not containing reinforcement or reinforced only for shrinkage or temperature changes and not for load bearing. 2. Concrete without an admixture or element added that is normally expected.

plain masonry Masonry without reinforcement, or reinforced only for shrinkage or temperature change and not for load bearing, etc.

plain-sawn or bastard-sawn or flat-grained or flat-sawn or slash-sawn A term used to describe lumber cut to size with the annual rings (seen from the end of the wood piece) intersecting its broadest face at less than a 45° angle.

plan A drawing of an item, site, community, city, etc. as viewed from above.

planch A British term for a floor of planks or an individual plank.

planching See decking.

plancier or planceer or plancer or plancher

1. The underside of a structure's projection, such as a soffit. 2. A planch.

plan deposit Money required to obtain bidding documents.

plane 1. An infinite number of contiguous straight lines forming a straight, flat surface. 2. A tool used in removing imperfections of a wood surface, or in shaping and smoothing a wood surface. It is comprised of at least a handle and a

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