Rational formula

roof. 3. Toothed, downward-turned, parallel bars or teeth, or fan-shaped spines on a long handle used for removing debris from a ground surface, for loosening soil, or for grading and smoothing.

raised planter

raking-out 1. In landscape construction, the action of preparing a surface for planting or placement of mulch, etc. by raking it smooth and removing any unwanted debris. 2. In brickwork, preparing mortar joints for pointing.

raking stretcher bond A pattern of bricks laid as stretchers in a flush wall where each brick overlaps the one underneath by one-quarter of a brick length.

rammed earth Earth and water compressed and then dried.

ramp A relatively short access from one elevation to another without any vertical rise, usually with a slope accommodating a particular type of traffic (i.e., wheelchair, automobile, golf cart, etc.).

rampant Wildness; absence of restraint; vigorous, aggressive growth.

rampart 1. A wide embankment as fortification, usually having a parapet at its highest level. 2. A wall-like ridge made of rock fragments, debris, or earth.


ramp ramuliferous Densely or profusely branched.

random ashlar A masonry wall with rectangular stones not having continuous joints and without a fixed pattern.

rank foliage Leaves that have grown profusely or larger than normal.

rapid-curing asphalt Liquid asphalt cement and a petroleum-type diluting agent of high volatility, causing a quick cure.

rasp A coarse file with protruding, pointed teeth.

ratchet drill A hand-driven drill with ratchet-driven chuck.

rated horsepower The maximum horsepower provided under normal, continuous operation.

rate of slope See slope ratio.

rational formula or rational method A

method of runoff calculation with a formula for computing the runoff volume of a given area. It is represented by Q = CiA where Q is the peak runoff in cubic feet per second or cubic meters per second; C is the coefficient of runoff; i is the intensity of rainfall in inches per hour for design peak rainstorm adjusted to a duration equal to the time of concentration of the watershed; and A is the area of the watershed in acres or hectares.

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